Speciality Vegetables

Vegetables and Herbs which are not readily available or cannot be found in the main supermarkets, special types and strains with unique virtues are supplied in season.

The taste and look of the naturally grown local produce is worth exploring and recipe cards are available to allow them to be tried in special or everyday meals.

All of our proposed vegetables for the year are listed here. Currently available vegetables are listed below:

Vitalote (Purple) potatoes

Special Gifts

Within the range are a selection of special items:

Unique limited edition award wining photographs, framed in different sizes to suit the budget and decor.


A guide on boat building - The guide is in 2 parts, with the story of the boat builder making his first boat being part 1 and the plans and instructions to build your own skiff, using only 2 sheets of ply, being part 2.


Mounted collections of cigarette cards which make superb gifts and decoration. These are genuine collectors items from a bygone age and are of interest to many people both amateur interest to expert alike.


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