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Snailz & Specialities consists of several facets so please click on the snail below to get more information on the area you are interested in:

snailbutton1       Education Snailz and Specialities provide an on-site educational experience for children and young adults. Schools can book sessions to allow their pupils, whatever the age, to have a stimulating and engaging learning experience.
snail button2         Snails Two varieties of quality snail are farmed and sold for consumption. Traceability and locality of food are top priorities for the discerning consumer.
Giant African Land Snails (GALS) are also raised for education.
snailbutton3      Specialities Special unusual vegetables, herbs and other special and unusual gifts are available. Unique experience is important as many cooking programs on television show. The ingredients are not that easy to find - we hope to change that. Gifts and personal items reflect your unique personality rather than being run of the mill.
snailbutton4       Snail Farm
Our snail farm will be available to visit in the future - here is the latest news on how the project is going.