Ed1 Educational Events

The educational experience is based on snails (classed as molluscs), stick insects and vertebrates. There are also elements of reproduction, evolution, science and nutrition. It falls within the school curriculum with the diversification of species and is adapted to suit the age of audience to which it is being presented.


Hands on experience can be rewarding and entertaining for all students and has been found to both engage and educate in an area where students find it hard to visualise and assimilate information.

Within YOUR school the students can have an event in familiar surroundings which will stimulate their curiosity and expand their knowledge of the natural world around them. The experience can be adapted to meet specific needs or requirements, and can allow other aspects of biology to be added, or changed, around the central theme.

The costs are kept at a level where it is affordable to the school and allow a large volume of participation, whilst keeping class sizes at a reasonable level, allowing physical experience and questions.
75 for a morning which will give 3 x 45min sessions. Max. 30 students/session.*
100 for the whole day which will give 5 x 45min sessions. Max 30 students/session.*
For an additional 20p per child a colouring competition can be supplied. This charge covers the cost of pictures, crayons and a small prize.
*Price does not include expenses (travel cost). 45min session is during any 1 hour which allows for set up and registration before each session. Certificates/Booklets are also available – please enquire and discuss exact requirements.   

For more information, detail or booking please ring or e-mail Stephen or Beverley (see "contact us" for details).

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